We kindly ask our visitors to wear face masks from 10/9 2020 at all indoor locations of National Gallery Prague. Thank you for understanding.

The retrospective exhibition of the painter Mikuláš Medek is among the most extensive shows at the National Gallery Prague. In addition to the Waldstein Riding School, which will present the autonomous part of Medek’s paintings from the beginning to the end of his career, Medek’s works for the churches in Jedovnice, Kotvrdovice, and Senetářov will be together exhibited in the Convent of Saint Agnes of Bohemia for the first time ever. Medek’s large works for Czechoslovak Airlines will be displayed in the Trade Fair Palace.

  On Tuesday, August 18, sculptor Kurt Gebauer will celebrate his 79th birthday. On this occasion, admission to the Kurt Gebauer exhibition will be free of charge. Two days later, on August 20, from 9.00 pm, the thematic Screening of the Film Band will take place on the rooftop of the Trade Fair Palace. The program is organized in cooperation with Biograf16 and will be in Czech.  

National Gallery Prague will hold the long-awaited exhibition Rembrandt: Portrait of a Man whose opening was moved from this spring to September 25. It will be an extensive exhibition project presenting over 110 artworks from renowned local and foreign institutions and private collections as well as the only Rembrandt’s painting in the Czech Republic, Scholar in His Study, currently exhibited in the Schwarzenberg Palace as part of the Old Masters permanent exhibition.

29/6 2020

A long weekend is approaching with two public holidays on July 5 and 6. You can visit the gallery according to normal opening hours. We will be open for you on Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm, we are closed on Monday, but you can visit us again from Tuesday.

22/6 2020

Great program of Anežka LIVE! the fourth summer season. In the gardens of the Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia we will present acrobatic performances, yoga or Tai Chi sessions, author readings, discussions and a summer cinema. We start 30/6 2020 at 6 PM!

10/5 2020

The members of the NGP Club of Friends have the opportunity to get their membership period extended at every open NGP ticket office: Kinsky Palace, Schwarzenberg Palace, Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia or Trade Fair Palace. They can enjoy the membership benefits two months longer (the same period the closure had lasted). The extension is provided to those members whose membership cards were valid at least until March 11th.

The gallery has a rich archive of works, which it constantly complements. NGP Online Collections can be found at You can view the works from the comfort of your homes and explore their subtle nuances and details.

Take a look at our Youtube channel for a series of videos on the restoration of selected artworks from the permanent exhibitions Old Masters and 1796⁠–⁠1918: Art of the Long Century. With expert comments from NGP restorers!

27/4 2020

The National Gallery Prague and the Bohemian Heritage Fund prepared together an interactive virtual tour of the exhibition 1796⁠–⁠1918: Art of the Long Century which includes some of the most important works in the collections of the Gallery. The virtual tour is free and can be accessed via our website.

We are online. Through new digital content, we strive to remain open during the coronavirus pandemic. We adapt to the situation and direct our current activities to the public mainly to social media.

15/4 2020

The Czech Ministry of Culture invites applications for the post of General Director of the NGP.