NGP online

We are online. Through new digital content, we strive to remain open during the coronavirus pandemic. We adapt to the situation and direct our current activities to the public mainly to social media.

Virtual tours, livestreams from exhibitions or online workshops are just a brief account of what we are preparing for our audience. We will cover not only recently opened exhibitions, but also permanent exhibitions or places that are normally hidden from visitors. We are preparing a special format called “Do you have a minute?”, which will present individual important works from NGP collections for Instagram, and we are working on a new content with the help of curators and educators also for Twitter.


Watch our online tours! We are preparing interviews with curators, tours of exhibitions and collection exhibitions. Find more on our Facebook.


The National Gallery Prague and the Bohemian Heritage Fund prepared together an interactive virtual tour of the exhibition 1796⁠–⁠1918: Art of the Long Century which includes some of the most important works in the collections of the Gallery. The virtual tour is free and can be accessed via our website.


Take a look at our Youtube channel for a series of videos on the restoration of selected artworks from the permanent exhibitions Old Masters and 1796⁠–⁠1918: Art of the Long Century. With expert comments from NGP restorers!


The gallery has a rich archive of works, which it constantly complements. Online collections can be found at Visitors can view the works from the comfort of their homes and explore their subtle nuances and details.
Agnolo Bronzino, Portrait of Eleanor of Toledo, c. 1543, National Gallery Prague