Expositions and permanent exhibitions are mediated through public programmes, which take various forms: guided tours, lectures, discussions, workshops, and performances with the attendance of artists.

We create an open space for the meeting and intertwining of artworks, curators, artists, specialists from various social fields, and the general public. Our programmes offer new perspectives on art, education, and experience.

Every year, we open art history courses designed to provide the participants with in-depth information on art from the Gothic style to this day. In the courses, exquisite original artworks will be introduced first-hand, as well as through high-quality visual presentations.

Regular all-day workshops are intended for youths, adults, and the elderly. There are also yearlong art courses for those wishing to dedicate their time to more classic techniques such as drawing and painting.

We provide an open environment where you can discover various projects linked to the fine arts or the art of music, literature, theatre and dance, and architecture; we often like to interlink the fields.