Opening hours of the exhibition Toyen: The dreaming rebel were prolonged again

Because of the high demand, we are extending the opening hours of the exhibition Toyen: The dreaming rebel in the Waldstein Riding School again. From June 19th, two more time-slots in which visitiors may reserve their entrance will be added - on Saturday and on Sunday from 7PM to 8.30PM. Ticket sale for these time-slots will be launched on June 15th both at the cashier of Waldstein Riding School and online.

The exhibition will be then open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10AM to 8.30PM and on Tuesday from 10AM to 7PM.

The exhibition is only accesible with a ticket pre-bought for a specific day and time. You can buy or reserve a ticker online. If you have the right to a reduced ticket or a free entrance (a voucher or a discount card), reserve a "standard ticket" and confirm it in "Payment method", then pick up your ticket at the Waldstein Riding School’s cashier and show a document justifying the discount. The reservation is valid for 7 days and expires at maximum 48 hours before entering the exhibition. The tickets can be also bought at the Waldsterin Riding School’s cashier.

The NGP Club of Friends members have the opportunity to reserve time-slot tickets online as well. Tickets are reserved by choosing the category „NGP Club of Friends member“, the reservation is complete after sending the reservation. Tickets are sent via email, it is not necessary to pick up the reservation at the ticket office. While entering the exhibition, members have to show the ticket and a valid NGP Club of Friends membership card. More information about time-slot tickets reservation for NGP Club of Friends members can be found here.

Your ticket is valid for 80 minutes. We ask you to arrive on time. By purchasing a ticket, you accept the Visiting Rules of the National Gallery Prague. Neither paid entrance nor other charges can be returned, tickets can not be changed.
Toyen, Voice of the forest II, 1934, private collection.