130th death anniversary of Antonín Chitussi

On May 1, we commemorate the 130th death anniversary of Antonín Chittussi, the founder of Czech modern landscape painting. In spring of 1879 he made his first journey to Paris where his artistic oeuvre was strongly influenced by works of the Barbizon School of painters ⁠–⁠ Théodore Rousseau, Charles Daubigny and Camille Corot ⁠–⁠ which he studied in Parisian galleries, as well as by contemporary artists he met in the environs of Barbizon. Chittussi also applied the method of capturing scenes from nature (en plein air) during his sojourns in Bohemia. The artist’s posthumous exhibition held in Paris in 1892 had a profound impact on the upcoming generation of Czech landscape painters; for example, František Kaván and Otakar Lebeda set out together in Chittussi’s footsteps to paint the scenery around the South Bohemian ponds and lakes. The NGP’s collections comprise a portrait of Chittussi by František Ženíšek, probably made during the time when the two artists shared an art studio.