Summer Studios

Do you wish to create and to view the world of art by producing something of your own? The summer studios of the NGP offer a unique opportunity to create vis-à-vis original artworks, enabling you to forge a relationship with art through your own experience.

Consequently, you will have the chance to discover the National Gallery as an environment full of art inspiration and enrichment due to its copious collections, providing a space for learning, refining critical thinking, reflecting, and enjoying art.

Creative, innovative, and playful, the studios uncover the stories of artworks via the medium of art as well as theatre, improvisation, and dance and movement. Experienced lecturers conduct the programmes, which give you the chance to meet inspirational personalities of the world of art, fine arts teaching, and the theatre.

More information on the Summer Studios 2021 will be published during the spring with regard to the further development of the pandemic situation.