Visitor regulations

  1. Only visitors with a valid ticket are permitted to enter the exhibition spaces of the National Gallery in Prague (referred to hereafter as “NG”). The  tickets can be purchased at the NG cashier and contain information about the date and the venue for which they are valid. If any unauthorized change is made to the ticket such as removing the control slip, it is no longer valid. Ticket forging will be prosecuted. The number of visitors allowed into individual exhibitions may be limited. Organized groups should be no larger than 30 persons. Visitors are obliged to respect the directions of NG employees and security guards.
  2. Admission information can be found at the cashier. We accept cash or Czech credit cards. Invoices are handled by the NG accounting department. Objects larger than 30 x 40 cm or longer that 40 cm, such as umbrellas, bags, and any backpacks including child carriers, must be checked in at the cloakroom. Visitors are not allowed to carry their coats over their arm, so we recommend leaving outer garments in the cloakroom. Some of the NG cash desks have lockers for valuables, such as documents, cameras, video-cameras, etc. We charge 100 CZK in the event of  a lost cloakroom key or token. Visitors are entitled and obliged to store the above-mentioned objects exclusively in places designated for the purpose (cloakrooms and lockers).
  3. Exhibition spaces are normally open daily, including state holidays, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. with the exception of Mondays. Temporary exceptions or changes to the opening hours can be found on the NG’s web page
  4. Ticket sale begins with the opening of the exhibition premises. The tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. 
  5. The visitors will be warn about the end of the opening hours by security guards. After this notification, visitors must leave the gallery before the end of the opening hours.  
  6. It is strictly prohibited to touch artworks, frames, plinths and display cases, or come closer to them than 30 cm. Visitors are only allowed to touch artefacts that are designated for the purpose. Visitors who are blind or partially sighted can touch selected objects on display under the supervision of a gallery educator.
  7. The NG allows photography for personal use only, except where indicated. The use of  flash, tripods or selfie-sticks is not allowed. Photography must not in any way inhibit the movement of other visitors. Video recording is only allowed with the prior consent of the NG’s public relations department.  
  8. It is prohibited to carry weapons in the gallery. Visitors are not allowed to bring animals to the gallery, except guide dogs for the blind. It is prohibited to eat, drink or smoke in the exhibitions, except in designated places.
  9. Persons wearing heavily soiled clothing or those whose behaviour may damage artworks or endanger other visitors will not be permitted in the gallery or may be asked to leave.
  10. It is the visitors’ responsibility to behave in accordance with civility, good manners and dignity corresponding with the historical, social and cultural significance of the NG and its collections and buildings.
  11. In case a visitor causes damage to NG property by violating the visitor regulations or through other undue activity, written report will be drawn up by gallery employees. Czech police will be called if the visitor refuses to declare his or her identity (in accordance with law no. 273/2008 Coll. about the Police of the Czech Republic). The extent, amount and the manner of compensation will be determined according to the general binding legal regulations and the relevant regulation of the NG.
  12. Visitors can make complaints through the Information centre for visitors – daily, except Mondays, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Phone: (+420) 224 301 122, E-mail:
  13. Visitors who violate the NG regulations will be asked to leave the exhibition accompanied by a security officer.   
  14. The National Gallery reserves the right to make changes and amendments to the visitor regulations. Visitors give their consent to the regulations by purchasing and presenting a ticket.

These visitor regulations do not exempt the NG visitors from their obligation to abide by the general laws of the Czech Republic.

These visitor regulations are valid as of May 15, 2017.

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