The Bulletin of the NGP

In the European context, The Bulletin of the National Gallery in Prague is a museum-type periodical, which is published as a standard part of the portfolio of services provided to scholars and the general public by modern, publicly funded art-collecting institutions. The Bulletin is a scholarly periodical focused on publishing the results of research encompassing all categories of the National Gallery’s art and archival collections. These findings cover a broad disciplinary and interdisciplinary range and are published chiefly in one of the world languages (mostly in English) and – in complete versions – also in Czech.

Besides extensive synthetic and monograph studies and succinct reports with new information concerning individual artworks, the Bulletin also features findings arrived at in art restoration and conservation reports and technological analyses, relevant archival material on art history, collecting, patronage and other related themes, as well as scholarly reviews on recently-published, field-related, Czech and international academic journals. The Bulletin appears in the form of a yearbook from 1991. Until 2013, the Bulletin had been published as a double issue and from 2014 it is released once a year as a single issue.

The Bulletin of the National Gallery in Prague is a critically-reviewed academic journal and all its articles are indexed by the Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA). It is published by the National Gallery in Prague.

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