Scientific activity

Library and archive

Experts and the general public alike are able to use the Library and Archive of the National Gallery in Prague all year round. The library fund numbers more than 115,000 publications. The Archive of the National Gallery in Prague, meanwhile, currently holds 170 archive funds and collections.



The Publishing Department at the National Gallery in Prague takes care of publishing work at the institution in close cooperation with art historians, curators, teachers, the library and other workplaces. The more traditional forms of publication – catalogues of varying size to accompany exhibitions, guidebooks and periodicals – was accompanied in 2016 by the publication of an extensive monograph on Petr Brandl. The publishing policy also takes into account young readers, for whom fun guides to the Charles IV exhibition and to the revitalised Convent of St. Agnes were created. The quality and scope of the books published by the National Gallery in Prague mean that these publications reach the attention of Czech and international experts and the public.

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