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Culture and Art of the Order of Saint Benedict in the Central Europe 800-1300

Project NAKI – DF11P01OVV007

Investigator: Prof. PhDr. Vít Vlnas, Ph.D.


The Benedictine Oder played a key role in integrating the newly emerging Central European polities (Great Moravia, the states of the Přemyslids, Piasts and Árpáds) into the Western European civilisation circle. This cultural and historical benefit of the Benedictines has not so far been analysed and presented more complexly in Central European historiography. The project should therefore amass the results of long years of basic research, complement them, asses and further make them accessible to the wider professional and lay public through an international exhibition, web applications, a database, specialised maps and Czech as well as foreign-language printed outputs.

The project is conceived as an interdisciplinary and international scientific cooperation utilising the knowledge of basic research of all of the relevant historical and natural-science fields. The professional level of such widely conceived research and its subsequent applied use is ensured by the cooperation of three foremost specialised workplaces in the CR. The guarantee of a balanced view of the place of the Benedictines in the integration of the Czech lands and Central Europe into the milieu of Latin Christianity is the planned cooperation with further Central European institutions focused on historiography, art history, archaeology, linguistics, codicology, on the area of monument care and on other relevant humanities and natural-science fields.

The project will contribute to the knowledge and preservation of an exceptionally important and as-yet insufficiently known segment of immoveable and moveable national cultural heritage. Its results will offer a wide range of applications, e.g. in tourism with an emphasis on the development of the regional economy, and last but not least in the area of education. The project is focused on the issue of the beginnings of the Czech national identity and statehood, but its outputs can justifiably be expected to have a broad international response.

Artistic Exchange in the Ore Mountains Region between the Gothic and the Renaissance

Project NAKI – DF12P01OVV046

Investigator of contractor: PhDr. Jan Klípa, Ph.D.


The aim of the project is systematic identification, elaboration, preservation and presentation of art works, architecture and crafts from the gothic period in Bohemian-Saxon Artistic Region of Ore Mountains. Methodics of identification and documentation of medieval monuments of all art sorts will be elaborated. A qualified selection of the most threatened monuments will be preserved thanks to restorers´ intervention. The complete documentation and scholarly elaboration with art history methods will be complemented by focused historical and archive research. The benefit of such interdisciplinary approach lies in a complex testimony based on varied sources. Reconstruction of cultural context of gothic art in an accessible entirety will enable its merits to be opened up to the broad public (in a form of exhibition with scholarly catalogue). It will lead to a more efficient assertion of cultural heritage as a mean of identification of citizens with the region and also to an improvement of the image of the region. Conditions will be created for an active participation of students in the research; metodics of publication of research outcomes will be implemented in the university courses.

Historical technologies and modern methods of research. The interpretative possibilities of the specialized methods of the research of the medieval artworks using the innovative technologies.

Project NAKI – DF13P01OVV010

Investigator: Prof. PhDr. Vít Vlnas, Ph.D.


The project is based on the current needs for an evaluation of the core collection of medieval and early Renaissance works of Bohemian provenance from the collections of the NG in Prague, corresponding to the studies in historical technologies. It responds to current needs of the field that is booming thanks to the new possibilities of analytical and imaging methods of research. Well-selected research methods can deliver specific results about historical technologies, authorship and workshop specifics. NG manages the most extensive collection of art works in question in a country, the extent of knowledge on the material state of these works varies significantly and one of the project’s aims is to bridge this imbalance. Coherent groups of artworks (autorship, workshop or region) form the base for analysis, so that the obtained findings could be generalized. NG has a unique archive of technical data that allow the knowledge gained by modern methods (X-ray fluorescence , RMS, FTIR) to link with earlier surveys. The subsequent classification and interpretation of findings will create the conditions for scholarly evaluation extending beyond the individual narrowly defined categories and findings will be applied in various disciplines and also in praxis (conservation, historic preservation). An integral part of the project forms cooperation with CTU Prague in the field of non-destructive methods of X-ray fluorescence analysis (RFA). There will be built a functional exemplar of the equipment for the RFA method, which offers a wider range of results (3d scan elements analysis) than can be hitherto offered by commercial equipment. It allows non-destructively gather data that was previously obtained by taking samples (colour layers stratigraphy). Cooperation between the two institutions guarantees the effectiveness of the new apparatus (complementary to the MRS). The research team forms the prerequisite for an interdisciplinary presentation of outputs, including involvement results in university education and international cooperation. The outputs of the project will be a series of exhibitions, publications and museum pedagogy outputs, methodology, electronic documents, specialised articles, active participation in conferences and colloquiums. 

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