LINDAT/CLARIAH‐CZ is a project of joint digital infrastructure for research in human sciences and in culture. It aims at making sources accessible, preserved and protected, in the digital age. So called “digital humanities” are becoming more important in international research significantly contributes to visibility of an institution, not only among the scientific community. Project uses pan-European technology DARIAH ERIC for the purpose of maximum connectivity among wide scientific community in Europe.

The project is led by a team of prof. RNDr. Jan Hajič, Dr., Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics. Since the year 2010, the team has been working on technological infrastructure, which was created in the framework of previous project LINDAT/CLARIN. Current programme LINDAT/CLARIAH‐CZ is going to be focusing, in 2019–2022, primarily on making accessible current sources, connecting already existing sources from newly joined institutions, on creating a unified system for processing and on publishing in open collections made available by these new partners.

Project is made of eleven leading institutions in the fields of human sciences and art in the Czech Republic. Linguistics, history and historical bibliography, culture and science about culture, history of art, philosophy, film studies, visual art, musicology a history of music, ethnology, folklore, archaeology, and in several interdisciplinary fields:

Charles University (Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics)
University of West Bohemia
Moravian Library in Brno
National film archive
Masaryk University (Department of Philosophy)
National Library of the Czech Republic
Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Institute of Philosophy AS CR (The Jan Patočka Archive)
National Gallery Prague
Institute of History of the Czech Academy of Sciences


CLARIN ERIC – Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium
DARIAH – Digital Research Infrastructure for the Art and Humanities
LINDAT/CLARIAHCZ – Linguistic Data/ Common Lab Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities-Czech Republic


Tomáš Vavřička
+420 734 868 246

Ilona Parlásková
+420 608 150 308


We are working on test implementation of database environment DSpace in our local infrastructure.

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