Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to become a member of Club of Friends NGP?
Membership can be purchased:

  • at any NGP ticket office during the opening hours. The membership card is  issued immediately after filling out the registration form;
  • by bank transfer via the online registration at

Is it possible to choose the beginning of the card validity?
Yes, you can choose the beginning of the card validity. All you have to do is mention the required date at purchase. The membership card is valid for one year, e.g. from December 24, 2019 until  December 24, 2020.

For whom is the new type of FAMILY card intended and where can it be purchased?
The FAMILY card is intended for two adults living at the same address and the maximum of five children under 18 years. It is available at all NGP ticket offices.
There are two names indicated on the Family card.

For whom is intended the new type of SENIOR card and where can it be purchased?
For 1 person over 65 years. It is necessary to prove your age at a ticket office. The card is available at all the NGP ticket offices. If you want to buy membership as a gift, it is necessary to prove the age of the card holder by a copy of an appropripate document.

How to proceed after filling in the online registration form?
Once you receive the filled-in registration form by email, wait for the payment instructions containing your specific variable symbol.

What is indicated on the membership card?
The membership card in non-transferable, it bears the name of its holder and the expiration date.
On the Family card are indicated two names.

You have a valid membership but do not receive invitations to the Club of Friends events by e-mail?
First check the SPAM / Junk Mail / Bulk Mail folders and save the address in your List of Contacts. Contact us at

Is it possible to receive the settled membership by post?
Yes, it is possible in case of the online order and the accomplished bank transfer.

How can I prolong my membership?
The membership can be prolonged by purchasing a new card. We are currently working to facilitate the prolongation proces.

Would you like to change your registration data?
Contact us at

Would you like us to issue the invoice to your employer?
Mail us your employer´s invoice data and your required membership type at

How to proceed if your card gets lost or stolen?
Contact us at

How do I enter NGP with my membership card?
Each member is obliged to show his/her membership card at the NGP ticket office where he/she receives an entrance ticket.

How can I book a place at an event organized by Club of Friends NGP?
Club of Friends NGP organizes guided tours of short-term and long-term exhibitions exclusively for its members approx. six times a year. Invitations to these events are sent only by email. Reservations are possible only at

For whom are the Club of Friends NGP events intended?
These events are open exclusively for the membership cards holders; the members in the Supporter category can bring one guest and the Family category allows entry to two members listed on the card.

How can I book a place at a guided tour within the NGP regular public program?
Reservations can be made either via the GoOut business portal or via the attached email contact address. Selected guided tours do not require reservation.

How much is an entry to a guided tour within the NGP public program?
A special admission fee for the Club of Friends NGP members is 50 CZK unless stated otherwise. Members in the Friend Plus and Supporter categories have a free admission for one person except for selected short-term exhibitions booked via the GoOut business portal.
The admission fee for one guest of a Friend Plus or Supporter member is 50 CZK unless stated otherwise.

Where can I find the NGP regular public program?
On the NGP website or in printed version at all the NGP ticket offices.
If you have not found answers to your questions, please contact us at

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