The Empathy Award: Romana Drdová a Lenka Záhorková

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The Empathy Award is a joint project of Komerční banka and the National Gallery Prague. The aim of the open competition is to support art projects with a social dimension. The winning artworks by Romana Drdová and Lenka Záhorková go beyond the boundaries of fine art and ingeniously create opportunities for reciprocity and considerate coexistence within society and the enviroment.

ROMANA DRDOVÁ deals with ecological and consumerist issues to which she brings a conscientious reflection on the possibilities of creative management of product waste from various industries. The artist’s work takes the from of fashion aimed at changing our thinking towards sustainability.

LENKA ZÁHORKOVÁ creates an intergenerational dialogue by decorating porcelain tableware with the stories of seniors so that their experiences can be preserved for all of society. The project draws attention to the problems associated with old age and above all, explores ideas about the values that old age brings.

The exhibition is hold in Small Hall in the Trade Fair Palace and the entrance is free.
The curator of the exhibition is Adéla Janíčková.