Viktor Pivovarov: Moscow Gothic

The National Gallery Prague presents a major retrospective of the work of painter and illustrator Viktor Pivovarov. This exhibition shows the full range of Pivovarov’s prolific career: with surrealist and conceptual paintings, drawings and albums, created in Moscow in the 1970s and after his relocation to Prague in 1982, and featuring the premiere of captivating new works. Dedicated areas explore key series, often on a witty, whimsical or philosophical theme, with audio elements that further immerse the audience in Pivovarov’s characterful world. This exhibition is also a rare opportunity to see some of Pivovarov’s most significant paintings, exclusively on loan from Russia.
Curator: Julia T. Bailey 
External Curator: Máša Černá Pivovarová

Trade Fair Palace, 1st Floor

The exhibition is kindly supported by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow).


Dr. Julia Tatiana Bailey, Ph.D.
Curator of the Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art

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