Gérard Edelinck  – Engraver
Peter Paulus Rubens – Inventor
Leonardo da Vinci – after
The Battle of Anghiari

Leonardo da Vinci ⁠–⁠ An Inspiring Genius

20/7—13/12 2020

Leonardo da Vinci was a grand master who never ceased to inspire the work of the following generations of artists. The Graphic Cabinet in Schwarzenberg Palace will present both images based on works by Leonardo and creations loosely inspired by him. Although the Cabinet is primarily devoted to the Old Masters, this time the display will also offer prints and drawings by 19th- and 20th-century artists. Visitors to the National Gallery will therefore have the opportunity to see drawings by Jan Zrzavý and Vilém Kandler. Other works on view will include prints by Albrecht Dürer and William Hogarth, and an engraving based on a drawing by Peter Paul Rubens. The highlight of the exhibition will be the etching Salvator Mundi by Wenceslaus Hollar, based on a painting by Leonardo that has recently resonated through all world media. 

Curator: Dalibor Lešovský


Mgr. Dalibor Lešovský
Curator of the Collection of Prints and Drawings