Department of Conservation and Restoration

The Department of Conservation and Restoration is the National Gallery’s specialized department responsible for the good physical state of its collection items. Apart from direct restoration interventions to save or visually renew individual works of art, the Department’s expert workers continuously monitor the collection items’ condition, as well as the environmental and technical conditions in the exhibition halls and depositories. The Department of Conservation and Restoration employs a team of highly qualified experts who provide complete care for all the NGP collections: restoration of canvas and panel paintings, sculptures, works of art on paper, and items in the collection of Asian art.

The Department of Conservation and Restoration cooperates with the management of individual collections and assists them in the preparations of exhibition projects; a thorough revision and conservation treatment is an inherent part of this process. Depending on the condition of individual works of art and their specific requirements, our conservation experts offer consultation on various options for the presentation.

Our restoration workshop also contributes to the preparation of regular and reciprocal loans, as well as assessments for new NGP acquisitions. Our conservation experts play a key role in the realization of NGP research projects, and their findings are regularly published in professional journals or presented at conferences.

The Department’s facilities are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment required for contemporary research and restoration techniques. Research into the physical state of the material and its chemical aspects draws from the services of our Chemical-Technological Laboratory, which provides the necessary laboratory analysis. Where necessitated by specific sets of issues, NGP restorers collaborate with local and international expert institutions.  

Furthermore, the Department’s experts provide training to other institutions’ restorers and other conservation experts. The Department also organizes educational workshops and international specialized conferences.