Application for photographic documentation

The National Gallery Prague provides reproductions of the artworks in its collections for both non-commercial (research, expert or study) and commercial use.

Applications can be mailed to:
The National Gallery Prague
Department of Collections Documentation
Staroměstské nám. 12, 110 15 Prague 1
or e-mailed to:
Any application for photographic documentation must include the following:
  • the applicant’s identification (for individuals: name, surname and permanent address; for companies: business name, address and identification number, tax identification number, a statement as to whether or not the company is a VAT payer, and identification of the company’s statutory body; for publication: the book’s author, name, publisher, year of publication, languages in which it is published, number of copies published and expected price)
  • identification of the artwork whose photographic documentation the applicant is requesting.
Price and payment:
  • the price of reproductions depends on their final use (details will be provided at the address above);
  • the fee will be charged via invoice or in cash, as agreed.
Terms for reproducing artworks from the NGP collections:
  • the National Gallery Prague charges a fee for reproducing artworks and issuing consent to their use,
  • the applicant must undertake to use the photographic material only as agreed and not to convey it to a third party,
  • it is forbidden to make any cut-out of a reproduction; the reproduced item must not be covered with any overprint or changed in any other way without prior consent,
  • the colours in any colour reproduction must be printed as faithfully as possible,
  • it is necessary to apply for any other use of photographic documentation (e.g. new editions), which is not mentioned in the original application and is not covered by the original fee,
  • artworks by living artists, or by those who died less than 70 years ago, are copyright protected and cannot be used without the prior consent of the artist or their heirs. It is up to the applicant to obtain the copyright,
  • the applicant must publish the following details with the reproduction: the artist’s name, the artwork’s title, date or name of the photographer, and a notice that the artwork comes from the collections of the National Gallery Prague.

Any photographic documentation of artworks from the National Gallery Prague collections and those loaned to the NGP may only be produced by its Photography Department. The photographic documentation is the work of its employees under copyright law as the NGP is the artworks’ owner.

The National Gallery Prague reserves the right to deny any photographic documentation of an exhibit whose condition makes it impossible to be handled or an exhibit that has been loaned for an exhibition.