Fryštát Chateau

Masarykovo náměstí, 733 24 Karviná-Fryštát Map

Fryštát Chateau

Tue–Sun: 10.00–17.00

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About building

The Empire-style chateau of Fryštát is a unique example of its kind in a region which has been so dominated by industrialisation. This sad situation is underlined by the fact that earlier in the 20th century Karviná could boast three similarly grand chateaux, however only Fryštát has survived intact.

The history of the chateau is bound up with the story of its founders, the Piast princes from Těšín, and that of its last owner, the Count of Larisch-Mönnich, who wielded considerable influence at the imperial court and was closely linked with the Empress Elisabeth, known as 'Sissi'.

1997, the chateau was re-opened to the public after extensive reconstruction.
Walking through the authentically furnished rooms, both in the chateau itself
and in the ‘Lottyhaus’ building, you are offered a unique glimpse into the life
of the aristocracy at the turn of the 20th century. One of the chateau’s
function rooms is used for weddings on the first Saturday in every month, as
well as for occasional chamber music concerts.

one side, the chateau is linked by a covered walkway with the oratory of the
Church of the Raising of the Holy Cross, and on the other side of the chateau a
glazed walkway leads to the ‘Lottyhaus’ building, which forms an integral part
of a unified architectural whole. The main entrance is flanked by two early
Baroque statues of Hercules.

its south side of the site is the chateau park (Božena Němcová park), which
covers an area of 36 hectares. The park can boast many rare trees and bushes
and is currently undergoing a wide-ranging programme of re-landscaping. There
is a children’s play area in the style of an old Slavic fortress, as well as a
boatyard where you can rent boats for a trip on a small lake that was formerly
a meander of the Olše river. In the central part of the park, near the former
stables, is a mini-zoo with an enclosure for game and small water birds.