Support for the collections’ security by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism

The National Gallery in Prague

The history of the National Gallery in Prague dates back to February 5, 1796, when a group of prominent patriot-aristocrats and several scholars from among the enlightened burgher class hatched a plan to elevate the public's taste in art - in the parlance of the time. The driving idea behind the institution's establishment - to elevate the national spirit through art - has propelled the complex peripeteia of its development and remains today the message of the National Gallery in Prague.

Collections of the National Gallery in Prague

The National Gallery in Prague assembles, records, preserves, categorizes, researches and opens to the public its paintings, sculptures, graphic sheets and artworks comprising the "new media" of domestic and foreign art. Its five art collections range from ancient to contemporary and house more than 300,000 artworks forming the basis of the Czech Republic's national cultural legacy.

Support for the collections' security by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism

The National Gallery's integrated security system

Owing to Norwegian Financial Mechanism funding of € 857,954 and a government budget subsidy of € 151,404 provided through the Czech Culture Ministry, the National Gallery is performing a general overhaul of the collections' security system in 2009-2010. The project seeks to create an integrated security system of the highest technical and technological standards. The system will also support the photographic documentation and digitalization of the National Gallery's collections.

Promoting new approaches to preserving our cultural legacy

The experience of building an integrated security system will be documented and used for instructional purposes for Czech museologists. It is the largest project of its kind carried out by a Czech cultural institution. It will help the National Gallery in Prague to upgrade not only its security, but also its methodology for cultural legacy preservation in the national, European and international contexts.


The project further encompasses a partnership with the Directorate for Cultural Heritage in Norway (Riksantikvar). The cooperation with this institution, which has a wealth of experience in historical site conservation, is based primarily on consultations focused on the optimal choice of security technologies and preparation of methodological materials for educational activities.

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