Elektro-acoustic musicial intervention / performance grouping Zone
Date: 19.09.2017 19:00 - 19.09.2017 20:00
Place: Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia
Délka programu: 60 min.
Action type: Speciál

The participants of the soundwalk session can experience the expanded perception of space and time. This contemplative experience of immersing into one’s innermost self in the garden of the monastery seeks to acquaint you with these premises in a different, non-conventional manner. A phenomenological exploration, enhanced haptic perceptions, the slowing down of time. The visual deprivation will make it possible to transfer the centre of perception to the other senses. Electronically adjusted and arranged field recordings from the garden of the monastery are an integral part of the session. 

/ Tereza Kerle, Tomáš Kerle, Yukimura /

free entrance / no reservation needed

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