Pražská pieta v Bernu / Die Prager Pieta in Bern

Pražská pieta v Bernu / Die Prager Pieta in Bern

Susan Marti – Richard Němec – Marius Winzeler (eds.)
550 CZK

The Virgin and Child of Bern, whose Prague origin was confirmed by scientific analysis, will be the subject of a research conference to be held in partnership with the University of Bern, the Bern Historical Museum and the National Gallery in Prague. Its scientific conclusions will be presented in the collective monograph. The discussion of the Virgin and Child of Bern (the prototype for the period sculptural output of the cathedral lodges in Bern) will contribute to the debate on the question of fragmentarily preserved medieval works in gallery and museum spaces. The monograph will map out contacts between eastern and western Europe throughout the Middle Ages.

In Czech-German /Engl.resume

264 pages, 150 reproductions

ISBN: 978-80-7035-692-0  NG Prague

ISBN: 978-3-9524783-2-5 Bernisches Historisches Museum

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