Katharina Grosse: Wunderbild
Katharina Grosse: Wunderbild
Adam Budak (ed.)
1790 CZK

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The monograph is the first Czech publication about Katharina Grosse, one of the most influential and constantly experimenting representatives of contemporary painting. The book presents her project prepared for the Large Hall of theVeletržníPalaceas a divide between the visible and the unseen in the process of the birth of a painting. The publication puts this installation into the context of Katharina Grosse’s approach to architectural painting and presents it as a major step in her captivation by the invisible. The monograph also focuses on the aspect of the oversize, explores the relationship between sound and vision in Katharina Grosse’s oeuvre and studies the themes of the antagonistic concept of a museum and the critical role of an artist with which Katharina Grosse’s approach can be identified.

Versions in Czech and English, 170 pages, 127 reproductions

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