Josef Führich (1800–1876). From Chrastava to Vienna
Josef Führich (1800–1876). From Chrastava to Vienna
Pavla Machalíková – Petr Tomášek
650 CZK

Year of publication: 2014

Publisher: The National Gallery in Prague

Language version: Czech/German

Number of pages: 368

Number of reproductions: 175

The publication deals overall with the life and work of Josef Führich, a native of Chrastava, and his neglected status in the context of Czech art of the 19th century. In several chronologically ordered chapters the authors cover the relationship of the artist’s early work to craft activity in the North Bohemian region with its German-speaking community, his rise in the Prague art world in the twenties of the 19th century, where he was considered to be a representative of Romantic tendencies and a supporter of the modern painting movement, the importance of Führich’s stay in Rome and the situation of the artist after his return to Bohemia, when his aim was religious-patriotic painting combined with Nazarenism, and also his departure to Vienna.

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