Jiří Kolář: Grimace of the Century

Jiří Kolář: Grimace of the Century

Marie Klimešová – Milena Kalinovská
750 CZK

The book was published to accompany the exhibition of Jiří Kolář housed at Kinsky Palace. It is intended to introduce Kolář in an unusual manner  – as an extraordinary and timeless artist whose oeuvre combines compelling content and a scathingly critical assessment of the world with literary and visual art experimentation of international significance. Apart from texts by Marie Klimešová and Milena Kalinovská, the publication contains reproductions of little-known or completely unknown works of different creative periods and artistic techniques. Representative examples from the renowned Weekly 1968 cycle are followed by seven more thematic sections affirming that with its courage and inner freedom Kolář’s artwork loses nothing of its topicality. The fresh approach to the artist’s output is also reflected in the book’s unconventional graphic design created by the 2018Designers graphic studio.

Czech-English version, 208 pages, 193 reproductions

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