Jan Zrzavý: The Illustrator and Worshiper of Beauty
Jan Zrzavý: The Illustrator and Worshiper of Beauty
Zuzana Novotná
180 CZK

The book is a comprehensive survey of the illustrations of Jan Zrzavý that accompany prominent works of Czech and world literature. It includes his much-admired pictures for Máj (May) by K. H. Mácha and Kytice (A Posy of National Folk Tales) by K. J. Erben. The publication deals wtih the artist’s return to the Czech art scene in the second half of the 1950s, when he could finally illustrate books by his favourite author Julius Zeyer and explores Zrzavý’s artwork up to the 1970s, as well as drawings for book projects which, for various reasons, were not realized. Zrzavý’s illustrations earned him huge popularity and became an essential part of his oeuvre. Their exceptionality and success lay in the artist’s distinctive visual idiom and specific approach to literary themes.

Czech-English version, 33 pages, 40 reproductions

ISBN 978-80-7035-635-7


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