German and Austrian Paintings of the 17th Century
German and Austrian Paintings of the 17th Century
Martina Jandlová Sošková
450 CZK
Remaining pieces: 300

English Edition

The summary catalogue of 17th-century German and Austrian paintings in the National Gallery in Prague is the first of its kind of this section of the collection, which is part of the National Gallery in Prague basic holdings. This group of paintings was already numerous in the newly founded Picture Gallery of the Society of the Patriotic Friends of the Arts at the turn of the 18th century. The catalogue contains 150 entries in all, compiled on the basis of art-historical analysis, various research findings, technological research and restoration, in a specific format set for the edition series of summary catalogues. Its introductory part sums up the development of this collection within the National Gallery in Prague, reflecting the collection in the context of collecting activity in general.

216 pages, 150 reproductions

ISBN: 978-80-7035-594-7

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