Cranach from All Sides
Cranach from All Sides
Olga Kotková (Ed.)
320 CZK
Remaining pieces: 300

This catalogue introduces, for the very first time, a set of paintings by Lucas Cranach the Elder and his circle, chiefly from the National Gallery in Prague, and at the same time it acquaints the public, in a visually attractive form, with the most interesting results of the technological investigations realised by the team of experts from the Cranach Digital Archive in Düsseldorf. The set of Prague paintings linked with Cranach’s name is very rich from the iconographic viewpoint, making it exceptionally attractive to readers (for instance, The Old Fool, The Adulteress before Christ or Adam and Eve), as all the themes are interpreted innovatively, yet intelligibly.

Czech-English, 188 pages, 113 reproductions

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