Emperor Charles IV 1316–1378
Emperor Charles IV 1316–1378
Jiří Fajt (ed.) in cooperation with Helena Dáňová
180 CZK
Remaining pieces: 200

The exhibition guide of the first Czech-Bavarian Land Exhibition presents the multifarious historical personality of Charles IV as both a ruling strategist and art benefactor. Charles IV’s court presentation in the context of 14th century Europe is illustrated with 200 examples of works of art which were produced in Prague, Nuremberg, Aachen, Frankfurt, and other Holy Roman Empire centres of art. Moreover, the cultural and historical aspects are presented, describing the adverse effects of climate changes such as crop failures, floods, famines, Jewish pogroms, financial crises, and plague epidemics causing a drastic population decline on the one hand, and the unprecedented boom of art and architecture at the sovereign courts on the other.

Czech, German, and English versions, 188 pages, 176 reproductions

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