Bohemia & Central Europe 1200-1550
Bohemia & Central Europe 1200-1550
Štěpánka Chlumská (ed.)
460 CZK

Year of publication: 2014

Publisher: The National Gallery in Prague

Language versions: Czech and English

Number of pages: 166

Number of reproductions: 137

This publication presents the exhibition of medieval and early Renaissance art in the Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia, which documents an extensive period of time from the arrival of Gothic art at the beginning of the 13th century to its fading in the first third of the 16th century, the basic trait of which is the inclusion of works originating in Bohemia in the wider Central European framework. The exhibition guide is arranged in two main chapters, corresponding to the fundamental periods of the history of medieval art in the Czech Lands. Attention is also paid to the histories of the collection displayed and the national cultural monument of the Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia, in which the permanent exhibition is housed. An intrinsic part of the publication is the catalogue of exhibited works.  The richly illustrated guide is in its second, supplemented edition. Both the articles and the catalogue part thus reflect the shift in specialised research and changes in the exhibition in the course of its fifteen years of existence.

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