Bulletin of the National Gallery in Prague XXVI/2016
Bulletin of the National Gallery in Prague XXVI/2016
Jan Klípa (ed.)
188 CZK

Bulletin of the National Gallery in Prague is a specialized periodical issued by the National Gallery inPrague. The annual publication presents the results of research conducted in all categories of the National Gallery inPrague’s art collections, which focus on a broad range of field and interdisciplinary contexts. Apart from extensive monographic studies and succinct reports on the new findings concerning individual works of art, the Bulletin also includes art restoration reports and technical analyses, noteworthy archival materials and scholarly reviews of important, recently-published Czech and foreign discipline-related books.

Czech-English version, 230 pages, 83 reproductions

ISBN 978-80-7035-632-6

ISSN 0862-8912

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