Manet in Black-and-White

Opening hours
Tuesday–Sunday 10 AM–6 PM, Wednesday 10 AM–8 PM
Within the admission to the permanent collections.
Date : 6.3.2020 - 9.8.2020
Place: Trade Fair Palace

The French painter Édouard Manet (1832–1883) had only marginal interest in graphics. About a dozen works, mostly etchings, from NGP’s Collection of Prints and Drawings, present this lesser-known chapter of Manet’s work, revealing how the artist with a lifetime devotion to painting chose to express himself in the not-so-colourful graphic medium.

Curator: Petra Kolářová 
Trade Fair Palace – Graphic Cabinet, 4th floor

Attached files

tz-ngp_grand-opening-2020-12.pdf (TZ NGP_Grand Opening 2020)
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