Jiří Valoch: Installation

Opening hours
Date : 22.9.2006 - 2.1.2007

Veletržní Palace, Respirium, 2nd floor
Curator: Tomáš Vlček

Jiří Valoch (born 1946 in Brno), art theoretician, critic, publicist and exhibition curator, has been recognized as one of the foremost authors of the second wave of experimental poetry, a realizer of conceptual art events as well as of textual and object-related installations. His radically moulded poetic texts on the boundary between word and image increasingly reflect the language as such, in which his work with the text is subjected strictly to concept. Valoch reveals a variety of meanings and aesthetic levels of language, i.e. of words and their semantic value. The author’s installation in the Respirium, conceived as a polymorphic textual whole, shows some of the current artistic manifestations that Valoch has arrived at in his explorations of text.

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