Futura Pragensis

Opening hours
Date : 28.10.2005 - 19.2.2006

The National Gallery in Prague, Trade Fair Palace, recess on the 5th floor Dukelských hrdinů 47, 170 00 Prague 7

The exhibition is co-organized by the National Gallery in Prague and the civic association, Futura Pragensis

Exhibition curator: Radomíra Sedláková
Exhibition conception: Tomáš Rousek
Architectural design for the exhibition: Tomáš Rousek, Karel Vančura, Jiří Polák
Main partners: Modrá pyramida, Subterra
Partners: AV Media, Appleservis
Main media partner: Hospodářské noviny daily
Partner: Adjust art
Partner of programs of the National Gallery’s education departments: HVB Bank Media partners: Art&Antiques Magazine, Classic FM, ČRo 3 Vltava, Praguebest

Author’s report:
Futura Pragensis is a team of students of architecture from the Faculty of Architecture at Czech Technical University, and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. The exhibition presents architectural visions and possible scenarios for the development of the city of Prague.

Architecture for the information age: a digital renaissance. Along with changes that have gradually been introduced by the technological and social revolution, the face of our city also changes.

According to UN reports, more than 50 % of the global population will live in cities in 2007. Most human residencies do not function efficiently and this places an excessive burden on the ecosystem.

We are trying to find new ways. We explore concepts of urbanism. We also pay attention to the adaptation of city organisms to new conditions. We want visitors to give a thought to the development of our civilization. We experiment with architectural forms which we are able to create through digital designing and planning.

The aim of our concepts is to raise discussion on possible architectural changes. We point to future events and stimuli. Our concepts are both serious designs that can be realized in the near future, artistic experiments and distant utopias.

These are, for example: the projects “Continuum” (an urban strategy which develops a symbiosis between Nature and city); the experimental “Artificial Environment”; “Venice in the Prague Neighborhood of Libeň”; the establishment of a “New Prague” colony on Mars; a new Edvard Beneš embankment in Prague, and others.
On behalf of the Futura Pragensis team, Tomáš Rousek

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