Opening hours
Date : 1.11.2005 - 21.5.2006

Several important works of art from the era of the rule of Charles IV and his sons that form part of the exhibition “Medieval Art in Bohemia and Central Europe” in the Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia will not be on display for a certain period. These works include Madonna of Zbraslav, two panels by Master Theodoric, St. Peter of Slivice or Madonna of St. Vitus. 


Nineteen exhibits in total (from the property of the Church, the National Gallery in Prague and the National Heritage Institute of Central Bohemia) will be missing from the permanent collection in the given period of time due to their loan to the prestigious exhibition of art under the rule of the Last Luxembourgs in Bohemia, organized jointly by the New York Metropolitan Museum and the Prague Castle Administration. The exhibition will be held in the Metropolitan Museum, New York, under the title “Prague, The Crown of Bohemia 1347–1437” from 19 September 2005 to 3 January 2006 and subsequently, in the Prague Castle Picture Gallery, Prague, under the title “Charles IV – Emperor by the Grace of God” from 16 February to 21 May 2006. In late May 2006, all loaned exhibits will be returned to the permanent collection in the Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia.


The most valuable substitutions in the permanent collection will be four examples of the 13th- and 14th-century French Gothic art, loaned in exchange by the New York Metropolitan Museum. These will be two ivory carvings, a sheet from an illuminated manuscript from the era of Charles IV’s rule, and a marble statue of The Virgin Mary Enthroned. These works will be exhibited from 1 November 2005 to 21 May 2006 directly in the National Gallery’s permanent collection in the Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia.

The medieval France, along with Italy of that time, was the most significant source of inspiration influencing the development of Gothic art in Bohemia. Besides, Charles IV grew up in France and his artistic taste therefore formed nowhere but at the Paris Royal court. The installation of examples of French Gothic works of art thus offers unique possibility to compare the art production of the two important art centres of medieval culture, interconnected by the personality of Emperor Charles IV.

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