58th International Biennale in Venice: Stanislav Kolíbal

Opening hours
Tuesday–Sunday: 10 am–6 pm

Giardini di Castello, Benátky, Itálie, 30122


Date : 11.5.2019 - 24.11.2019
Place: Czech and Slovak Pavilion in Venice

Stanislav Kolíbal (1925) will represent theCzechRepublicat the next International Biennale inVenicebeginning onMay 11, 2019. The expert jury has selected his project out of 23 others in the tender.

“Kolíbal’s design enhances the masterful architecture of the Czechoslovak Pavilion by architect Novotný and responds, in terms of concept, to the curators’ theme of the next Biennale, i.e. art as a possible answer to the complexity of our times. The modesty of Kolíbal’s vocabulary is an antidote to an ironic twist contained in an ancient Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times”, which became the main theme of the Biennale’s curator Ralph Rugoff. So is the humility of Kolíbal’s art and his artistic position: reticent stance, yet passionate and engaged, a belief in art as an active form of liberation and emancipation, simultaneously rebellious, resistant and consensus-seeking, a negotiation of forms and ideas, conversing paradigms, norms and world’s perceptions. Kolíbal’s exhibition proposal offers a journey through an artistic mind, emphasizing the construction of an independent voice where the aesthetic and the political are intertwined in a faithful and uncompromising expression of the “interesting times”: the post-war, the post-1989 and the current development of art,” states the expert jury.

Stanislav Kolíbal will cap the presence of the wide generation spectrum of Czech artists, who represented the Czech Republic in the past Biennales, such as Dominik Lang (b. 1980) in 2011, Zbyněk Baladrán (b. 1973) in 2013 and Jiří David (b. 1956) in 2015.

Curator: Dieter Bogner

Attached files

ralph-rugoff-statement.pdf (Statement by Ralph Rugoff)
_vzor_jak-ziskat-zadavaci-dokumentaci-a-prilohy-k-verejne-zakazce.pdf (Jak získat zadávací dokumentaci a přílohy k zakázce na profilu zadavatele v Národním elektronickém nástroji (NEN))
ralph-rugoff-statement_cz.pdf (Prohlášení kurátora Ralpha Rugoffa)
tz-ngp_benatske-bienale_stanislav-kolibal.pdf (TZ NGP Benátské bienále Stanislav Kolíbal)
tz-ngp_benatske-bienale_stanislav-kolibal-aj.pdf (ENG TZ NGP Biennale in Venice, Stanislav Kolíbal)
statement_58th-biennale-of-art-in-venice.pdf (Statement of the Comittee Members )
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