The last chance to see 19th-century art in the Salm Palace

The National Gallery in Prague will close down the exhibition of 19th-century Art from Classicism to Romanticism in the Salm Palace by early October.

The visitors now have the last chance to get acquainted with the artworks by the Mánes family, Adolf Kosárek or Josef Navrátil, which were lately enriched with the recently acquired painting by Jaroslav Čermák. In the future, they will be displayed in a new exhibition in the Trade Fair Palace.

The exhibition presents major paintings and sculptures from classicism to romanticism. The artworks by key figures of Czech art complement the central European context of Austrian and German artists headed by Caspar David Friedrich.

Last year, the collection of 19th-century art was enriched with a newly purchased painting by Jaroslav Čermák owing to a subsidy of the Culture Ministry. His Portrait of Painter Josef Navrátil (1852–1853) can now be seen in the Salm Palace until October 1.

“Navrátil as Chairman of the Union of Artists was then at the peak of his career and social life. That is how Čermák depicted him – a representative portrait of Navrátil in an informal posture with a cigar refers to the free lance life of the portrayed,” says curator Veronika Hulíková. 

In the history of Czech portrait, Navrátil’s portrait is a key artwork – not only because both artists were prominent figures of 19th-century Czech art, but also because Čermák made use of his experience from Paris (where he settled down in 1851) to create one of the first modern portraits.

“The visitors have a rare chance to compare Čermák’s portrait with Navrátil’s self-portrait in the painting called In the Cellar of Chlumecký. Both are now displayed in the same room of the Salm Palace,” adds Veronika Hulíková.

In the next years, the 19th-century artworks, which are currently exhibited in the Salm Palace, will be displayed at new exhibitions in the Trade Fair Palace presenting Czech works dating from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries in an international context. 

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