The Ferdinand II exhibition has begun at Ambras Castle

Its domestic counterpart will open in the Waldstein Riding School in Prague on 3 November.

In 2017, 470 years have elapsed since the arrival of Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria (1529–1595), the son of Ferdinand I, King of Bohemia and Hungary in Bohemia to represent his father’s interests as well as the entire Habsburg dynasty. The same year also marks the 450th anniversary of the archduke’s assumption of rule over Tyrol. Significant jubilees launched a large exhibition Ferdinand II. 450 Jahre Tiroler Landesfürst in Ambras Castle in Innsbruck and a subsequent one in the National Gallery in Prague. The two exhibitions are jointly sponsored by Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, National Gallery in Prague, and Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences.,

The second-born son of Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I spent his childhood and youth in the company of his older brother Maximilian, a successor to the throne. Beginning in 1547, Archduke Ferdinand II stayed in the Czech lands, representing his father and playing an important role in political and social life. One of the important tasks was the reconstruction of the royal residence – Prague Castle which he carried out under his father’s supervision. Archduke Ferdinand went down in the history of architecture as the builder of his hunting lodge, the renowned Hvězda (Star) Summer Palace. He also holds a significant place in history as an avid collector. He built one of the largest libraries of the time in Central Europe, a vast cabinet of curiosities inspired by Italian magnates, and an outstanding collection of armour belonging to famous men.

Both the exhibitions, in Ambras Castle and the Waldstein Riding School in Prague, have a common theme; the Austrian exhibition elaborates it in the aspect of Ferdinand’s rule in Tyrol while the Prague one expands it by his activities in the Czech lands. Visitors will see more than three hundred exhibits of various kinds, from paintings, precious arts and crafts objects, Renaissance armour, and valuable documents including the archduke’s own letter to products of nature and curiosities from his collections as well as everyday objects of the archduke and his family. 

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