Renaissance Portrait Painting in Bohemia and Moravia – its Iconography and Role in Aristocratic Representation

Project GAČR

Project GAČR – GP13-08755P

Investigator: PhDr. Blanka Kubíková, Ph.D.


Portrait painting, which experienced massive development and transformation of forms during the 16th century, ranks to the best expressions of Renaissance art on the territory of Czech lands. This discipline, however, still provides numerous unsolved questions, ambiguities and hitherto omitted fields of research. One of them is also the aspect of iconography and the related study of representative strategies which the early modern aristocracy employed, besides other means, via its portraits. This is also the issue on which the submitted project aims to focus. It will be followed on the example of several significant family portrait galleries – the Rosenberg, Hradec, Pernstein and Zástřizel ones. Part of the project will be researching the role of noble portrait painting and its evaluation by the contemporaries, carried out on the basis of early modern written sources. The results of the research will be summed up in the ensuing publication.

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