Norbert Grund (1717-1767)

Project GAČR

Project GAČR – GA13-07247S

Investigator: PhDr. Marcela Vondráčková, Ph.D.


The monographic study should evaluate the relationship of Norbert Grund to the local tradition of Baroque painting and to place him within a larger (central) European context emphasising contemporary Austrian (Viennese) and Italian (Venetian) painting. It will attempt to establish a chronology of his artistic development, a complicated task as the artist repeatedly returned to older motifs. The study will also focus on Grund’s exceptionally large repertoire of themes and styles reflecting a variety of sources of inspiration (such as the French gallant genre, the Dutch rural genre etc.) and these Grund directly quoted or used as variants and paraphrases in his paintings. The study will be also concerned with the popularity of Grund’s paintings, which were frequently reproduced by Johann Georg Balzer. Entries in collection inventories and many artworks by imitators, copyists and followers that have not yet been researched are evidence of Grund’s enormous popularity. The monograph will also evaluate Grund’s influence on 19th-century Czech landscape painting. 

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