Management Changes at the National Gallery Prague


Ivan Morávek has been appointed interim director of the National Gallery Prague. General Director Jiří Fajt was removed from the office by Culture Minister Antonín Staněk.

The basic mission of Interim Director Morávek is to ensure the NG is stabilized and continues to operate smoothly.

“I come to the National Gallery Prague as a crisis manager. My primary aim is to ensure the continuation and completion of ongoing projects. At the same time, I’m going to launch reviews of the Gallery’s staff, finances and operation and will prepare proposals for next steps,” said Morávek.

The National Gallery Prague (NGP) management is closely following the tense situation in the media as well as the speculation that surrounds the dismissal of General Director Fajt.

Reports have recently surfaced about the possible cancellation of some National Gallery Prague exhibitions. No agreement had yet been executed for the exhibition The Maharaja Treasure: India’s Art of Jodhpur and the Indian partners have informed the NGP management that they do not intend to continue preparing the exhibition. As the exhibition was too expensive for the NGP, the Gallery accepted the decision despite the collection’s undisputed historical quality.

The National Gallery Prague has not received any other information from foreign partners on the suspending of cooperation.

The much hyped failure to sign a donation agreement for the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Zeman was caused by the unfortunate sudden death of Mr. Zeman. His collection’s fate is now subject to inheritance proceedings. Should circumstances permit, the NGP will be happy to continue negotiating for the collection.

The NGP intends to continue following its set exhibition strategy. The changes in the Gallery’s management will not have a fundamental impact on the NGP’s work.

PRESS RELEASE Situation at the NGP one month since the management change

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