Jan Zrzavý and Johann Kupezky in the Cabinets of Prints and Drawings in the Trade Fair Palace and Schwarzenberg Palace

Visit the new short-term exhibitions on view in the National Gallery’s Cabinets of Prints and Drawings that present two major figures of Czech art!

Jan Zrzavý (1890–1977) is represented in the collections of the National Gallery in Prague with a large body of illustrations, ranging from initial sketches to finished compositions ready for reproduction. His modern approach to the content of the illustrated text elevated the illustration to a work of art on an equal footing and became an important part of his oeuvre. The new graphic art cabinet entitled Jan Zrzavý: The Illustrator and Worshipper of Beauty shows his illustrations made to accompany such literary works as Mácha’s poem Máj (May) and Erben’s Kytice (Posy of National Folk Tales).

The small-scale display Johann Kupezky and „the Black Art“ commemorates the 350th anniversary of the birth of Jan Kupezky (1666–1740) in the form of prints dating from the 18th century. Though Czech by descent, Kupezky’s life story and artistic significance make him a truly European painter, one of the greatest masters of Baroque portraiture in painting. The extraordinary period renown of Johann Kupezky’s art can be seen in numerous good-quality graphic reproductions, which were produced in Nuremberg and Augsburg mostly at the end of this painter’s life and in the decade after his death. 

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Schwarzenberg Palace
Schwarzenberg Palace, Hradčanské náměstí 2, Prague 1
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Trade Fair Palace
Trade Fair Palace Dukelských hrdinů 47 Prague 7
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