About the new visual identity of NGP


The visual identity of the National Gallery, including its logo, will be transformed according to the design of Studio Najbrt. See the winning design and read the commentary on speculation concerning the similarity with the AGWA logo.

The winning visual style of the contest, to which ten studios have been called, builds on a distinctive logo inspired by the mission of the National Gallery as a space for the presentation of art. The logo defines context for different types of content (image, text, video) within the three letters of the abbreviation of the National Gallery in Prague, creating a memorable and variable brand. Color and visual style remain as open and vibrant as possible, just as the approaches of artists that are presented in the country’s most important gallery institution.

Commentary by Stefano Carboni, director of the Art Gallery of Western Australia

The Art Gallery of Western Australia has discussed this matter with the National Gallery in Prague and together we have consulted with the marketing/PR agencies that have worked on the rebranding of the two institutions. While the similarities between the two logos are inescapable, in AGWA’s opinion the overall approaches to design are quite different and the new branding of the NGP has little to do with that created for AGWA a couple of years ago. For this reason, and considering the geographical distance between the two Galleries, AGWA does not consider this matter a potential copyright issue and wishes the NPG all the best in the implementation of their new brand. In addition, the exchanges between the two directors in addressing this issue have been friendly to the point that positive discussions are now in place to establish a partnership across the continents that promises to be greatly beneficial to both institutions.

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