A tribute to Petr Brandl

The National Gallery in Prague has published the first monograph and launched the first complete database of the Baroque master’s artworks.

“It is the first database in the Czech Republic dedicated to a single artist. It includes Brandl’s biography and all existing archival sources and bibliography. The catalogue of Brandl’s artworks includes technical data and information on provenance, literature but also RTG photographs and reports on restoration or technological research,” Andrea Steckerová, curator of the Collection of Old Masters of the National Gallery in Prague and the project’s head describes.

The professional interest in Petr Brandl temporarily subsided after the death of Jaromír Neumann, the most noted authority on Brandl’s work (died 2001). The large two-volume monograph on Brandl written by Neumann was not published until now, fifteen years after Neumann’s death. The first part examines the painter’s life, painting technique and contemporaries, followers and pupils, and the other offers a sizable catalogue listing all paintings and drawings attributed to Brandl but also those that Neumann ascribed to Brandl erroneously.

The National Gallery in Prague also published a book called The Life and Work in Archival Sources and Older Professional Literature, which lists all surviving archival documents about the life and work of Petr Brandl. Many mentions about him have survived offering details about Brandl’s bohemian way of living, his discords with the painters’ guild and his wife Helena or lengthy complaints about the painter by his creditors as described in authentic contemporary documents.

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