Bedřich Hrozný and 100 Years of Hittitology
Bedřich Hrozný and 100 Years of Hittitology
Šárka Velhartická (ed.)
150 CZK
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Czech-English/German edition

This book contains a comprehensive chapter on the life of Professor Bedřich Hrozný and his decipherment of the Hittite language in 1915, one of the foremost accomplishments of Czech science; it also comprises monothematic chapters devoted to the individual archaeological sites, where Bedřich Hrozný conducted his research, i.e. Sheikh Saad, Tell Erfad and Kültepe/Kanes. Independent treatises explore other fields of his scholarly interests, especially the deciphering of the cuneiform tablets dating from the period of the Old Assyrian trade colonies, and discuss the relationships between the cultures of Mesopotamia and Anatolia in the first half of the 2nd millennium B.C., as well as Hrozný’s professional pursuits inVienna and Constantinople and atCharlesUniversity. The book presents many hitherto-unprocessed archival materials and documentary photographs, and provides an in-depth survey of a part of the collection preserved in the National Gallery inPrague that comes from Bedřich Hrozný’s archaeological expeditions in theNear East in the 1920s.

256 pages, 167 reproductions

ISBN: 978-80-7035-597-8

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