Vladimír Škoda – Quatrième dimension / Fourth Dimension

Date: 28.06.2007 - 30.09.2007

Fifth floor
Curators: Helena Musilová, Miroslava Hajek

Sculptor Vladimír Škoda (1942) emigrated to Paris from, what was then, Czechoslovakia, in 1968. He has been living in Paris since then and it was in France as well where he graduated from his art studies. Škoda ranks amongst artists who mainly work with a single one selected material – in his case, metal. He, however, sometimes uses rather unusual materials, for example golf clubs. The most characteristic examples of his oeuvre are spheres forged into various dimensions and often assembled into “cosmic” installations. Also typical of Škoda is the use of pendulums. The exhibition held in the Trade Fair Palace is focused on his works created during the past ten years.

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