František Tkadlík (1786-1840)

Project GAČR

Project GAČR – GA13-17156S

Investigator: PhDr. Šárka Leubnerová


The project aims at publishing an expert monograph of painter František Tkadlík (1786–1840) whose oeuvre – due to its links to the contemporary philosophy, aesthetics and historically-nationalist reflections on art – makes him a significant artist in the context of late European Neoclassicism and Nazarenism. Tkadlík?s work represents a crucial moment in early 19th-century academic painting and a point of departure for the development of art during the National Revival. Studying wider local and European context and links from which Tkadlík?s work stemmed and to which recent research provides many stimuli seems essential. Leading experts in the subject will collaborate to newly explore Tkadlík?s oeuvre and the relevant materials (archive sources and texts, recently discovered paintings and drawings, restoration researches), to compile a summary catalogue of his works and to present the artist in the context of the current research of 19th-century painting and its ideological  background.

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