Artistic Exchange in the Ore Mountains Region between the Gothic and the Renaissance

Project NAKI 

Project NAKI – DF12P01OVV046

Investigator of contractor: PhDr. Jan Klípa, Ph.D.


The aim of the project is systematic identification, elaboration, preservation and presentation of art works, architecture and crafts from the gothic period in Bohemian-Saxon Artistic Region of Ore Mountains. Methodics of identification and documentation of medieval monuments of all art sorts will be elaborated. A qualified selection of the most threatened monuments will be preserved thanks to restorers´ intervention. The complete documentation and scholarly elaboration with art history methods will be complemented by focused historical and archive research. The benefit of such interdisciplinary approach lies in a complex testimony based on varied sources. Reconstruction of cultural context of gothic art in an accessible entirety will enable its merits to be opened up to the broad public (in a form of exhibition with scholarly catalogue). It will lead to a more efficient assertion of cultural heritage as a mean of identification of citizens with the region and also to an improvement of the image of the region. Conditions will be created for an active participation of students in the research; metodics of publication of research outcomes will be implemented in the university courses.

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