Magdalena Jetelová
Touch of Time

till 19 November 2017
Trade Fair Palace
Agnes Live!
gardens of the Convent
of St. Agnes of Bohemia
full of music, theatre,
art performance...
What the Eyes Cannot See
Underdrawing in 14th–16th Century
Panel Paintings from the Collections
of the National Gallery in Prague

till 17 September 2017
Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia
The mythological misalliances of Max Pirner
Grafic cabinet

till 13 December 2017
Trade Fair Palace
Charta Story
The Story of Charter 77

till 13 January 2019
Salm Palace
Public programs

Permanent exhibitions

Medieval Art in Bohemia and Central Europe 1200–1550
Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia
European Art from Antiquity to Baroque
Sternberg Palace
Art from the Rudolfine Era to the Baroque in Bohemia
Schwarzenberg Palace
19th-Century Art from Neoclassicism to Romanticism
Salm Palace
The Art of the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries
Trade Fair Palace
The Art of Asia
Kinsky Palace
The Collection of Prints and Drawings
Graphic cabinets


We support childern gallery education

This year is 11. anniversary of international conference Hands on.

The exhibition of Magdalena Jetelová has been extended and several displayed artworks will remain in the National Gallery permanently

The installation of Magdalena Jetelová Touch of Time in the Small Hall of theVeletržníPalacewill be open until November 19.

The Virgin by Gustav Klimt loaned to San Francisco

The painting will not be displayed at the exhibition of international art of the 20th and 21st century until February 2018.

The last chance to see 19th-century art in the Salm Palace

The National Gallery in Prague will close down the exhibition of 19th-century Art from Classicism to Romanticism in the Salm Palace by early October.

Wassily Kandinsky on display in the Trade Fair Palace

The exhibition of international art presents a rare loan – the painting Circle and Spot.

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